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Loyalty Program Mobile App for our clients in Malaysia

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Fireworks brings you Fireworks Loyalty Cloud Mobile App Solutions: Feature-Rich. Ultra Flexible & Customizable. User Friendly. New Generation Membership Engagement Solution

Here are some samples of Loyalty Program that is using Mobile App as its Front :

UEM Hubmall Mobile App : Loyalty + E-Commerce Apps for Publika, Multi-Mall, Multi-Tenant Loyalty & E-Commerce Apps

Introducing Poh Kong Jeweland Loyalty Mobile App : Retail, 020, Loyalty System for PohKong. Powerful E-commerce system, with Loyalty, Cashback, Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Apps. Integration with POS, ERP & E-Commerce over 90 outlets!

Atria Shopping Gallery : Loyalty & Shopping Mall Solutions - Loyalty Points, CRM, Directory, Scan Receipt and much more

Membership & Point System Mobile App for ED Point : Loyalty Points & Online-2-Offline Payment New Generation Loyalty / Membership Apps

B-Card Loyalty Mobile App -Lifestyle Loyalty Mobile Application : This is one of our proud moement. We were the FIRST IN SOUTH EAST ASIA to create a Mobile / Web Version of the Loyalty Card back in 2013. We received 2 Marketing Excellence Award for this Project!

MOMS APP - CRM Mobile App for Enfagrow by Mead Johnson Asia : This is a Fully Customized CRM Program in a form of Powerful Mobile Apps, targeted to Parents and Moms. Packed with tools like Kick Counter, Baby Articles, Songs, Growth Tracking App. This is such a great project!

Loyalty and E-Commerce Mobile App for Pineapple System : E-Commerce & Loyalty System for Powerful E-commerce system, with Loyalty, Cash back, Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Apps


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