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Togethër: Current Progress 2

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Current Progress

Progress Overview

  1. Technology MVP : User Mobile App, Merchant App, T- Coin, T-Token, Back Office

  2. Marketing MVP : Website, Intro Video, Branding, Copywriting

  3. Documentation MVP : Whitepaper, Picthdeck

  4. Partnerships : 4 Strategic Partners Signed ,10 Universities Signed under Strategic Partners

  5. Grant : Near Foundation Grant Winner, Competing in Octopus Accelator Programme

  6. Partnerships : 15 Partners, 10 Universities

  7. Total Fund Acquired: USD 235k


2 New Advisors

Tomas Pokorny

Fintech Advisor, Togethër

Tomas, serial Entrepreneur, even passionate, veteran in Financial Technology. He wears many hat, but most importantly, our Fintech Advisor. He brings 20 years of international Fin-tech wisdom.

Shaun Paulian

Legal Advisor, Togethër

Shaun is a razor sharp Solicitor, yet a nurturing Managing Director of a strong Legal Firm, D&P Legal, with specialty in Crypto Law and Corporate Law. He brings 20 years of legal experience to ensure we are always on the right side of the law.

Branding MVP

Tech MVP

Tech MVP

Concept Video

Spend-to-Earn Video

Other Marketing Materials

Partnership Details

DAO & Partners Showcase :

Name: Uniconn & Genyouth


YOUTH, COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY PARTNER • Acquisition via University & Colleges Location : Malaysia Description : GenYouth (GY) a platform that provides support to the youth on entrepreneurship development. Our core business is giving youths industry exposure through our Connected Campus Tours, an initiative that comprises industry engagement events e.g. inspirational talks, career fairs, mentoring sessions.

We create and organize entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and leadership events and programs for University Colleges

Signed MoUs with 10 universities and industry organizations as associate partners, signing more in 2021


DAO Type : TOGETHER BLOCKCHAIN REAL ESTATE PARTNER • Investor in Brixie • NFT + T-token + Crowdfunding Platform Location : Global Description : Brixie ambition is to become the world’s first & largest fully tokenised real estate investment vehicle.

Raised $500k+ in Ideation Round at valuation of $1m++ Incorporated in Singapore & Established Bank Accounts Secured Long-term partnerships with renown expert Board of Advisors Finalized Ideation Stage Ongoing Development, Tech Development and Business Planning / Launching Prep Stage Secured substantial MVP pipeline

Name: D&P

DAO Type : LEGAL Location : Malaysia & Singapore Description : a full-service, corporate-commercial law firm focused on providing precise legal solutions to clients’ needs in the primary areas of corporate, commercial, cryptocurrency and blockchain, construction, and property transactions.

Name: FIREWORKS IG DAO Type : JV COMPANY • CENTER OF EXCELLENCE • ACCELARATOR Location : CAMBODIA Description : Center of Excellence mission is to become the hub of Blockchain and Web3 talent pool in Cambodia with our aim to be the leader R&D, training and Blockchain regionally and globally.

Name: OCTOPUS NETWORK DAO Type : BLOCKCHAIN TECH & TRAINING PARTNER • Appchain + NEAR Protocol + Substrate Location : Global

Description : Octopus Network is a next-generation, cross-chain interoperable cryptonetwork designed to accelerate a broad and efficient multichain Web3 by facilitating the construction of highly customizable blockchains for unique applications. 

Ultimately, Octopus Network’s proprietary technical infrastructure delivers upon the promise of Web3 by lowering the barrier to entry and providing a plethora of new features to talented, yet under-resourced developers, enabling the creation of new industry-altering applications.


DAO Type : BLOCKCHAIN TECH & COMMUNITY PARTNER • NEAR Protocol Location : Malaysia Description : Our mission is to support and encourage the use of the NEAR Protocol, as well as to educate people about this Layer 1 blockchain, with the aim of promoting the creative and technological industries of Malaysia.


DAO Type : BLOCKCHAIN TECH & COMMUNITY PARTNER • NEAR Protocol Location: Cambodia Description : Partnering with Near guild in ASEAN to build NEAR ecosystem.

Our mission is to spearhead the use of the NEAR Protocol, as well as to educate people about this Layer 1 blockchain, with the aim of transforming the technological industries to become Income Generator in Cambodia.

Name: 21Hi

DAO Type : MEDIA & ENTERTAIMENT PARTNER • Acquisition & Services via Entertainment & Events Location : Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Description : 21Hi Media Entertainment is a social life centric marketing and event Management Agency, established in the year 2021. We provide constant and most happening nightlife events at bars, lounge and clubs for Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Our goal is to allow users to spend less and achieve more at these events.

We believe we can bring more merchants and members to Together community as the DAO partner.

Name: Conceptual Worldwide

DAO Type : • Events Curator and Promoter. Specialised in Business Events and Entertainment • Merchant & Members Acquisition Location : Thailand Description : CW is an established Event Management Agency, established in year 2007. In 2022, CE had joined Togethër as a DAO. We launched a 12 months Rooftop Party to welcome our members. Apart from running our own parties, we will be acquiring merchants in the event and the entertainment sector to ensure that our members will be well entertained. During these parties, we will also invite new members to join our network.

We believe we will be a very valuable DAO is this network.

12 Monthly Event, 30++ of Partner’s Events.

Name: Newmedia X

DAO Type : • Acquisition via Digital Marketing & Social Media • Events Solutions Location : Thailand Description : Newmedia X is a startup tech firm company for consulting and business solution development. In 2020, Newmedia X has won the first prize of Thailand’s MICE Startup from TCEB (Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau) which drives the businesses to achieve Modern Innovations and Hybrid Solutions by combining the business and new trend of technology to fully integrated business service platform.

We assure that we we will be a very valuable DAO in this ecosystem.

Winner of Thailand’s MICE Startup


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