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In The Press: Fireworks Solution Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News Solution Featured On Sin Chew Daily

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

May, 2016. Fireworks Solution’s Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News Solution for Sin Chew Daily has launched and featured on a 5 expensive page pull out!

《星洲電子報》 突破時空藩籬,即時傳送新聞至全球

BREAKING NEWS: “Sin Chew E-Paper” Now, instantly delivery of news to the whole world

《星洲電子報》2.0兩大升級: 即時新聞:時效性高 新聞更新速度快 生活誌:題材豐富、內容即時、引領生活潮流

“Sin Chew newsletter” 2.0 upgrade: High timeliness news update speed Rich subject matter, content, instant, leading the trend of life

新聞就要這YOUNG看 讓你一次下載 看個夠!

News should be read digitally, download now and see more!

重量級內容輕量級閱讀 最新內容與新聞一手掌握

Massive amount of contents, but easy to read. Read the latest news and articles on your hand

電子報潛在讀者極多 只會增加不會減少

E-Paper potential readers will very much grow, not dwindle

The Story:

Sin Chew Media Corp. Bhd newspaper is renowned for their work on providing great Chinese-news coverage on all sectors to the Chinese readers, one of the largest newspaper provider outside of China with a daily circulation of over 500,000 copies a day. Now, powered by Fireworks Solution, delivering publications has never been this easy!

Read it on your web Browser here :

Or download the app here :


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