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AI Technology In Marketing:
Transforming The Future

In this fast-paced digital era, AI is changing how brands connect with customers, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the competition. Hence, introducing our new AI solution, Promoter AI. It reshapes the retail landscape and boosts performance for brands and retailers.

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We are honored that our COO, Kayel Lee, has been invited to speak on the topic "Customer is GOLD? Understand Them with AI" at Ohsem Marketing 360. Join us!

Dates : 6 June 2024
Time : 8am - 5pm
Location : WTC Kuala Lumpur

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Our brands and retailers believe AI is the best business transformer, especially on the aspect of improve customer interactions anywhere, anytime.

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AI be your next reliable partner? How & What can it do? 

Automated Engagement Program

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Our Promoter AI solution generate chatbot in WhatsApp that accessible through scanning QR code or URL. End user does not require to install additional app. 

Promoter AI,

  • Generate Automated Response

  • Activate Customer Engagement

  • Blast Automate Campaign Voucher

  • Manage Redemption & Tracking

  • Generate offer/promotion voucher

  • Fraud Prevention

Big data is priceless. After following the process, business owners generated a large customer database. They can then retarget long-lost customers or send out recent promotions to customers using this database.

Meet the Speakers

Meet our consultants who had walked the talk.


Tired of doing manual marketing stuffs? 

Tell us your challenges & obstacles. 
Promoter AI your best choice.

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