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Augmented Reality Shapes the Future of Retailers

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Recently, Augmented Reality manipulate the ways of how digital elements on the physical environment, it alters a whole new level of engagement with information and things happen around us.

It changes the way we approach business. Whether in manufacturing or retail, AR creates new ways to engage with colleagues, consumers, and the world around us.

Adam C. Uzialko, Business News Daily

Adam C. Uzialko mentioned that there are few ways of how AR could be used on business such as:

  1. Remote Collaboration—it completely alters the way geographically dispersed employees connect by allowing people to present in virtually in one room and engage remotely.

  2. Training & Education-- With either on screen instructions or layered graphics, it able to put complex processes step-by-step to display, or given prompts and instruction on a certain task.

  3. Repairs—Since AR could illustrate physical presence of things, it able to overlays virtually anything such as steps of the process or to demonstrate complex components.

  4. Showcasing Products—For high consideration products usually retailers or manufacturers will have to use tools like physical showroom, but now with the AR technology, it allows users to engage fully using the technology into the product by helping potential customers visualize it and also enhancing the potential of purchase during consideration stage.

  5. Tours and Maps—In order to guide users to points of interest, AR technology can utilize the graphical overlays that placed on the maps to help guide them efficiently without leaving the attention on the road.

“AR brings the internet from being contained on a screen to becoming part of the fabric of the world around us, which eventually will benefit businesses with a physical presence.”

Adam C. Uzialko, Business News Daily


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