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Fireworks’ CEO Yanzer Lee – Sparking A Successful Growth In Technology

On The Press : Fireworks’ CEO Yanzer Lee – Sparking A Successful Growth In Technology

Fireworks's CEO Yanzer Lee on Focus Malaysia

Yanzer Lee, CEO of Fireworks Solutions Sdn Bhd

4-10 January, 2014 Source: FOCUS Malaysia

Catering to the increasing tendency towards connectivity and social media in today’s business climate, Fireworks Solutions Sdn. Bhd, a digital innovation agency that specializes in web, mobile and advertising that is led by founder and creative technology director, Yanzer Lee Tseng Yip was awarded the MBA Industry Excellence Award in the ICT Sector category.

“It is with great surprise and honour that I accept this award. It marks another achievement of our company’s progress. This has given us a boost to further pursue our greater progress as an innovation agency to reckon with. Also we hope to welcome new partners and clients that value Fireworks as a digital innovation company that focuses on quality,” said Lee.

The company which began in 2003 has been the pioneer in the innovative digital technology field. Part of the corporation’s portfolio includes being one of the top innovators in next generation mobile solutions through platform such as Bada, Symbian, Java 2.0, Android, iOS and Applecelarator.

Fireworks Solution’s credentials range from Malaysia MSC status, Ministry of Finance certification, Select Partnership with Samsung Apps, membership with Google Engage for Agencies and numerous industry-strength portal deployments with Drupal CMS and Magento.

“The company is made up of a team of talented individuals that are dedicated, passionate and always striving for perfection. We create wonders. With this, I hope that the Fireworks’ culture will be strengthened in the hearts of the team. Together, we shall create impressive and quality innovations,” said Lee.

Not resting on their laurels, Lee and his team recently launched a home-grown product, the Fireworks MobiMax platform, which is a mobile software suite that offers organizations and enterprise-ready content publishing solution that can be used on both iOS and Android device platforms.

For now, Fireworks is working on expanding the MobiMax Enterprise solution’s market reach while its research and development team further enhances MobiMax to become a cloud-based solution. Lee also sees digital publishing as a solution easily applicable not only to enterprises but to SMEs as well, as individual content providers and authors in the very near future in Malaysia and Asean countries.

“Fireworks MobiMax has already been deployed to forward thinking organizations such as Open University Malaysia, Amway Malaysia, Amway Thailand, M-Mode Bhd and Marketing Magazine. It is in such high demand because it is an enterprise-level product that is tailor-made for each organization, yet it is fully-ready for quick deployment. I am very happy with this product. It is one of the most sought-after products in our portfolio. I believe that this milestone will give further confidence to our clients, who believe in our innovations, as well as inviting potential customers to come onboard,” he said.

Besides MobiMax, the Fireworks team will continue pursuing the creation of meaningful customized mobile marketing solutions and applications for its clients.

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