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Fireworks Helps Mobile Learning In Malaysian Secondary Education

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Findings : Mobile Learning In Malaysian Secondary Education

Researchers (Sa’don, Dahlan & Ibrahim) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Malaysia are beginning to look at the use of mobile learning in secondary education. Under existing education policy, the use of mobile devices is restricted amongst students in secondary education. However, the latest revisions of the Malaysian Educational Blueprint are optimistic for mobile learning.

The researchers have conducted a survey of stakeholders’ views (academia, teachers & students) to understand their respective views and perspectives on mobile learning. This is the first stage in an ongoing research study titled Mobile Learning for Malaysian Secondary Schools.

Here are some of the highlights from their research findings:

  1. 89% of respondents were already using the mobile phone for learning purposes outside of the classroom despite the current restrictions on taking mobile devices into Malaysian schools

  2. The majority of those using their mobile devices for learning purposes, are doing so in order to get a more in-depth understanding or acquire new knowledge

  3. 82% of respondents are using mobiles to access learning resources

  4. 74% are using mobile for sharing educational purposes

  5. 87% of respondents believe that mobile learning will play an important role in the future of teacher and learning in Malaysian schools

It will be interesting to see the findings of their future research. If you would like to read their full paper click here


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