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Mobimax E-Paper & Digital News - Sin Chew Daily

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Sin Chew Media Corp. Bhd newspaper is renowned for their work on providing great Chinese-news coverage on all sectors to the Chinese readers, one of the largest newspaper provider outside of China with a daily circulation of over 500,000 copies a day.

Fireworks understand our client’s requirement :

  1. Digitise existing the Printed Newspaper to Mobile Friendly Digital Version.

  2. Create new content that attract Younger Audience

  3. Fully Customisable Application in line for future expansion

  4. Fully Customised Operation Flow to suit their current flow.

  5. Professional and Mission Critical Support

Fireworks Solution has become Sin Chew’s digital partner. All publications will be carried out by Client’s editorial team through cloud deployment of Mobimax® E-Paper & Digital News Solution.

Support Fireworks provide Mission Critical and High Priority Support for our client.

  1. Fireworks Solution guarantee less than 10 minutes’ server down-time with a premium service level agreement (SLA) support.

  2. We offer an extensive disaster recovery plan & system that switches to our backup server immediately if any server disaster occurs.

  3. We monitor all publications, servers, app and other technically utilities one (1) hour prior to the day’s publication, which is 5 am and 5 pm, we ensure a smooth day to day business operation.

  4. We provide immediate responsive support on any issues, bugs and error resolution on the customized solution within days.

  5. A dedicated Project Manager on standby to assist Client

Our team in Fireworks Solution takes disaster recovery very seriously.

Server Sin Chew’s old server does not provide much scalability and has a lot of limitation to the uploads of publications, Fireworks solution came up with a professional server assistance and establishment that;

  1. Has an amazing technical scalability on both bandwidth and size, our content delivery network (CDN) is integrated with Amazon Cloud Drive

  2. The integration benefit allows our Clients’ to save up 85% on bandwidth cost, with a faster content delivery speed

  3. Our servers are also integrated with CloudFlare DNS management tool, that provides server attacks prevention tools.

An example of security measure is, blocking the IP of a potential attacker even before it reaches any of our server. We ensure your server’s security measures are taken and secured.

Content & Store Front Sin Chew’s printed publications are vastly used among the more senior generations, but opt in to the e-paper very frequently, the younger generations are more active on reading digital news. Fireworks Solution is given the opportunity to customized several technicalities that caters for both generations of readers, and came up with a proven entertaining new creative experience. Several notable feature includes;

  1. Integrated digital news portal that showcase headlines, latest and trending news

  2. Powerful advertising features

  3. Personalized news curated to the user’s preference

  4. Cross platform subscription with fluid integration

  5. Customer’s data are synced across cloud

  6. Social sharing of all articles and publications to most of social media platform

  7. Native Apple’s in-app purchase payment, Credit Card payment and bank drafts

  8. Embed interactive multimedia

On top of the above features, our multi-device access features support up to 3 simultaneous log-in on multiple devices, and logs off the first one when a fourth device has been logged in. This restriction is to prevent the abuse of subscription and remove the old cumbersome method of locking accounts.

Push Notification The limitation of the old platform was the limited uses of push notification, while Fireworks Solution’s creative UX designer has come up with multiple ways of sending interactive push notification that has value to customers;

  1. Send push notification to all customers or curated to devices, categories of profile, etc.

  2. Specific the group of individuals to send specific targeted push notification

  3. Send instant breaking news

  4. Send promotional and informational notifications

CMS Consider the flexibility to uploads and deliver contents, the old platform provided a very simple and limited way to upload contents their publications, it doesn’t offer the needed variety of showing their publications and market their e-paper needs. Fireworks Solution emphasized on creating flexibility, variety of uploads and allow the creating of multi-products. Notably, we’ve included for Sin Chew is;

  1. Uploads of PDF publications and articles files to processing server, action can be automated and schedule

  2. Powerful advertising capabilities

  3. Web Service API to query uploading status and processing status

  4. Flexibility on creating new categories, content and product packages

  5. CMS and workflow management modules for the panel of admins

  6. Interactive publication creator

  7. Manage E-commerce

  8. Create multiple subscription options

  9. Automated promotional code generator and tracker

  10. Analyse sales, performance, demographics and other analytics

Customer Migration Sin Chew E-Paper old platform contains a huge amount of existing user base, having a new platform will mean they needs to migrate users from the old platform to the new one. Mobimax E-Paper & Digital New Solution was flexible enough that there’s little to no problem in migrating all the customer’s information, data and subscriptions. This allowed Sin Chew to retaining the existing users and focusing on the new platform, while slowly closing down the old application and platform.

The Result

Check it out for yourself:


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