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Muhammad Sartaj Aalam : Letter of Demand and Police Report on Theft & Breach of Contract

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Name : Muhammad Sartaj Aalam Passport No: V1068312 Role : Magento Developer

Summary : Disappearance of from work, Breach of Contract, Intellectual Property Theft

Police Report on Muhammad Sartaj Aalam
SARTAJ ALAM (Passport No: V1068312)

Except from Letter of Demand

1st November 2021

SARTAJ ALAM (Passport No: V1068312) By E-mail

HN #251, khalsa colony, City Chamkaur sahib, Rupnagar, Punjab India 140112

Dear Sartaj,


It has been observed that your resignation via whatsapp chat with Rose, does not mention anything about your notice period. As per the terms of your Contract for Service agreement you are required to serve a complete one and a half month notice period effective from the date of resignation. In case, you do not serve the notice period, you have to pay the organization a complete one and a half month salary in lieu.

Since, you neither paid the required amount nor have you been serving the notice period, the organization shall be initiating a legal action against you. To avoid the same, you may have a discussion session with Tech Lead and Human Resource and settle the terms amicably. You may be required to serve 45 day notice period or pay one and a half month salary to the organization as per your Contract for Service agreement. Your absence shall confirm your non co-operation in the matter and may cause a legal action against you.

  1. Please make payment of the abovementioned amount of RM14,619.20 to Fireworks’ bank account, with its details as follows:

Account name : Fireworks Solutions Sdn Bhd

Account No. : 120 6000 100 47514


  1. Please note that upon payment of the compensation above, parties agree that there shall be no further claims or rights of action whatsoever whether under common law, statute or otherwise against each other in respect of any compensation for loss of office, breach of contract, redundancy or unfair dismissal or on any other grounds whatsoever, whether contractual, statutory or otherwise.

  2. Please note that we wish to claim for business damages done on these two projects XXXXX E-commerce App ( Business Revenue size starting at and not limited to MYR 89,040.00 and more in further phases) and XXXXXX E-commerce ( Business Revenue size starting at and not limited to MYR 66,780.00 ).

  3. You are required to hand over the pending task XXXX E-commerce App and XXXX Asterspring E-commerce to the respective team lead. This will lead a damages to the organization and relationship with clients. We shall claim business damages on this matter. These are the steps of proper handover :

  4. Return all source codes which are intellectual property of Fireworks Solutions Sdn Bhd

  5. Have a Proper knowledge Transfer Session with your supervisor ( for minimum of 1 hour per project )

  6. Proof that you do not possess any of company’s Intellectual Property

A chance a Settle Amicably

We will give you a chance to settle this amicably. Kindly contact our HR personal Ms Rose for further settlement instruction. Failing to settle this amicably will result in :

  1. We will seek legal action in both Malaysia and India, and we shall sue you for all notice period penalties, legal fees and business damages.

  2. We will also make a police report in both Malaysia and India on this case.

  3. We shall also contact authorities such as Work Immigration in both Countries & Upwork Inc.

  4. We will also upload this case into our company website’s online journal as a reference for your future employers.

You have 24 hours to contact us if you wish to settle this amicaby. Your cooperation on the above matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Letter of Demand :

Police Report


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