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News App For Myanmar National NewsPaper

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Digital Publishing System Powered By Fireworks Solution

Myanmar Digital News Mobile App

4th May 2017, Myanmar – May the Force Be With You.

Few months ago, Fireworks together with its local partner, Megalink Advanced, competed to tender for the 5 years project to digitize the national newspapers of Myanmar. We won.

On 4th Of May 2017, with pride and honour that Fireworks launched Myanmar Digital News Mobile App : Myanmar’s National News. This News Application is Sanctioned by the National Periodical Enterprise of Myanmar. It carries news content from 3 national newspaper : The Mirror, Myanma Alinn & The Global New Light Of Myanmar

This Application boast a wide range of features such as:

  1. 3 Digital Newspaper published daily

  2. Breaking News in Burmese

  3. Breaking News In English

  4. Video Channel : News Videos, Lifestyle Videos and Much more

  5. Available in Apple iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablet & Web Browser.

  6. Flipboard Magazine : Lifestyle Magazine  ( Launching Soon )

  7. Interactive Newspaper ( Launching Soon )

The Mobile App is currently available in Apple AppstoreGoogle Playstore and on its website, http://MDN.GOV.MM

This system is powered by Fireworks’ proprietary Mobimax Digital News Solution.


Digital Publishing System With Multimedia & Interactive Newspaper

About the Newspapers : The Mirror : Myanmar’s widest reach newspaper.  300,000 copies Daily Circulation. Myanma Alinn : Longest running newspaper in circulation in Myanmar. 150,000 copies Daily Circulation. The Global New Light Of Myanmar : Myanmar’s Official English Paper. 30,000 copies Daily Circulation.

Digital Publishing System

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