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Retailers can now communicate with customers instantly through mobile devices

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

According to the Strategy&, the missing link about Proximity marketing offers a comprehensive strategy to engage consumers by PWC, for companies looking to stay with current market, explore new marketing medium, or to get out in front of the competition businesses could evaluate proximity marketing strategy through three interconnected lenses: business, experience, and technology to capture consumers’ attention and persuade them to act marketers must understand the following key categories:


  1. Create timely, relevant content customization for specific consumer segments

Targeting specific markets segments is necessary for marketers to identify the gaps in overall marketing campaigns to ensure that the content of each message is personalized to meet specific consumers’ needs.


  1. Make it easy for consumers to act

Proximity marketing fundamentals allow persuading consumers starts with a personalized message that not only meets brand guidelines but coherent on smart devices.

  1. Link to cross-platform experience

The greatest attribute of proximity marketing as it allows the integration across-media programs for branding, product, and/or service offerings that support end-to-end consumer experiences.


  1. New insights are driven by data

Big data contains predictive analytics and user behavior analytics, and other advanced data analytics combining with artificial intelligence can help companies collect and analyze exact consumer profiles and map potential customers to certain geographical locations to identify patterns, gain insights and make pertinent offers at the right place and time.

  1. Ensure security

Security issues are commonly the most concern factor either consumers or businesses. However, proximity marketing shall depend on the seamless and real-time data connectivity to all smart devices to process. Therefore, it is suggested that the security protocols shall not be specific to a single device, but it needs to span within the entire connectivity ecosystem.

  1. Enable rapid prototyping

It enables businesses to search for most effective ways of engaging consumers by evaluating different technologies and types of marketing messages, after all, proximity marketing technology is still evolving, Therefore, is essential to determine how business can reach each consumers’ needs.

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