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Revolutionizing Property Management: Your Ideal Mobile App Solution

Updated: Jun 27

Our team thrives on conquering monumental challenges that others hesitate to tackle, consistently delivering perfection. Introducing our groundbreaking Property Management Mobile App: a unified solution that seamlessly integrates agent functionalities for property availability checks and residential management tools. Homeowners can stay informed with instant updates on announcements, easily make bookings, complete forms, and access emergency contacts and more. This singular app resolves all complexities in property management, catering to both internal operations and end-user needs.

Showcasing DI MANAGE mobile app

Managing #residence without a proper mobile app can be a real headache🤢 – hassle booking flow, manual processes slow everything down, communication is inefficient, and everything feels chaotic!

So, witness how #FireworksSolutions transforms these issues into automated processes while simultaneously improving the experience for landlords💡~

Showcasing DI SALES mobile app

Developers, imagine how much easier agents' jobs could be with an all-in-one app to find available units, schedule showroom appointments, reserve units for clients, make deposit payments, and more!📱

Proud of our team for creating a seamless solution for property management 👏

About Us:

Fireworks Solutions Sdn Bhd, Digital Agency with its HQ in Kuala Lumpur, a subsidiary of Fireworks Digital International. Fireworks Digital has nominated Top 10 Mobile Developer in Malaysia 2020, and recently officially rated at Best Web & Mobile Developer in South East Asia 2021 by APAC Insider.

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