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Thank You Team Fireworks

Thank You Team Fireworks

Dear Fireworks Family,

On 8th Novermber 2013, Fireworks Solutions, has won the Malaysian Business Awards (MBA) Award 2013, in the Information Technology Sector. This award is supported by ASEAN, it’s regarded as the ultimate showcase of outstanding businesses and personalities in Malaysia. This award meant a lot to Fireworks because it put us in the same limelight with other winners like Malaysia Airlines, Limkokwing University, RHB Bank and other Giants on its industry. Previous winners of our category are Multimedia Development Corp Bhd, Sarawak Information Systems and Mesiniaga Berhad, all leaders in the IT Industry. “The Malaysia Business Award 2013 Winners Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay from the YTL Group of Companies, Datin Maureen Ooi from Madam Kwan’s, Dato’ FD Iskandar for GLOMAC and Yanzer Lee of the Fireworks Solutions.” ~ Malaysia Tatlers This is such a great delight to Fireworks as even though we may not be as large (yet), but we are as good as those giants! This shows that what we believe is true : ” Fireworks is a team of talented individuals, who is dedicated, passionate and always striving for perfection. Together, we create wonders. “

Minister of International Trade and Industry Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Mustapa Mohamad , presenting the Malaysian Business Award to Yanzer Lee

The Malaysia Business Award 2013 Winners

Founders of Fireworks Solutions Sdn Bhd. Yanzer Lee & Peiszu Choo

Thank you Team Fireworks,

For your ingenuity, tolerance and dedication. Everyone of you had contributed to our success today. I know at times I can be very demanding. And that is because Fireworks produce great work. And greatness requires focus and dedication. It is also that I believe in each of you. I believe that each of you have so much potential within, and it is my duty, to guide you, to push your boundaries, and bring out those greatness in you. And with team work and passion, we can create really, really great, fulfilling work. I want you to know that Fireworks cares appreciate each of you, we want you to grow, together.

Personal Thanks :

Mohamad : You are now a leader in team Fireworks. Me & Peiszu thank you for you dedication and loyalty. Together, we shall bring Fireworks to great heights! Syieda : Although you are not in productions, but you are an important pillar in Fireworks. Thank you for your loyalty. Adrian : You are very talented, thank you for handling Mead Johnson Account and OUM with such great care. I will make sure you grow successful and rewarded. Damien : You creative talented boy, & Amway is a great project, and you handled with Flair and Dedication. Wenling : You have grown so much since day 0. I am proud of you and thank you, we WON the Mead Johnson Web Revamp!! Sam : You, you, you, are so talented in design, keep in up. I see greatness in you. Your recent projects like M-Mode is exceptionally beautiful. Saiful : I see so much talent in you. Thank you for the Amway App. I know you’ve work hard and pls know we appreciate you! Kean Yong : I woud say, you are a very dedicated and exceptional programmer. Please know that we know of your contributions, especially rushing out Bcard App & MomsApp, during your weekends! Honey : Hmmm…. I think you have such potential for leadership. And trust me, we know you work really really hard on OUM, MomsApp and now M-Mode… Do know we love you too. Mohsen : I am grateful that you so willingly educate your juniors. Do know that your knowledge is important to us, and i know you will contribute more to the team. Steve : Though you are a new addition to the family, i know that you put in 150% of your effort on every projects ( esp ) .. and I thank you for that! Rayson : Mr. CEO of Incontrol, both me and peiszu thank you for your trust in Fireworks and its technology. Lets make Incontrol the next award winning technology! Mahdi : Though you are far away, you are in our hearts. Thank you for your hardworks especially in MomsApp. Waleed : You too had made a difference. You are a talented programmer, wish you success in your country! Ehsan : You too, had contributed. We love to see more of your contribution! To the rest of Fireworks Team Members : Thank you, you too have contributed to our success. We hope you learn from your seniors and soak the greatness in them!

Exciting Times Ahead

I urge everyone of you to work with more faith and more dedication, as next year will be a really exciting year. As you know Fireworks had recently won many new projects and accounts. We are moving to our new office. We are also planning to expand to other countries. Lets aim for more awards, more great creations and a more fulfilling career. Finally, do know that Fireworks is a family, where we lift each other to our greatness.

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Yanzer ( aka Boss )


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