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The Future Trend of Retail

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

“(Retail) Industry participants will only succeed if they have a relentless focus on using technology to increase the value added to consumers.”

Insight Report: Shaping the Future of Retail for Consumer Industries, A World Economic Forum project in collaboration with Accenture

According to “Total Retail 2016- Southeast Asia & Singapore Highlights Report by PWC”, the 4 key themes of consumer demands for retail marketing are:

  1. Strong, Personalized engagement via social and mobile technology platforms.

  2. Access to a wider assortment of products that they can reach today.

  3. Loyalty programs that provide economic and experiential rewards for continued patronage.

  4. Faster fulfillment and delivery of orders placed with companies online.

The Market Size & Potential

Based on the study by PWC, In Malaysia alone, there are 45,384 of retailer establishments and the value of gross output are USD 8.1 billion at the year 2015. Besides that, there are 66% of the proportion of respondents using mobile phones to make purchases in Malaysia. Based on the market size and potential, Fireworks Solution would like to tap into the growing markets and help retailers to grab the market share by providing the New Retail Marketing Platform.

Our technology empowers retailers to excel in the above 4 themes

In recent years, the existence of Online Commerce and Mobile Commerce causes retailers to lose market share. Retailers are quickly realizing the importance of digitizing their marketing & promotion- for both competitiveness and to capitalize on the digital commerce revolution. However, there will be obstacles capitalize on the digital commerce revolution such as:

  1. Cost: Deploying such transformation could be a heavy investment

  2. Time: Implementing such transformation projects in-house usually takes up to 6 months, some will even be stretched up to years depending on the complexity of the projects.

  3. Complexity: It requires retailers to purchase and master hundreds of distributed software and programs that do not interact with each other.

The Solution

The Heavy Investment Problem

Fireworks provides the latest technology platform as a service model, where business can pay as they use. With a fraction of the cost, businesses able to apply different technology model to see which one suits them best.

The Time Implement Problem

Implementing technology usually takes up to months or a year to complete, this will cause retailers to lose out market opportunities. Therefore, Fireworks provide the ready-made, fully integrated and customizable with the latest technology able to help businesses to roll up the digital marketing execution within one month.

The Complexity Problem

When it comes to deploying a cohesive marketing campaign and compiling the data, requires owning hundreds of distributed software and programs that do not integrate with each other could result in a nightmare. Fireworks Mobile Marketing Platform provides all the latest mobile marketing tools integrate into a single platform.

New Retail Marketing Platform Solutions

Hereby, we introduce the world first Integrated Retail Digital Marketing Platform.

Fireworks New Retail Marketing Platform is a platform that allows businesses to market their products and services through collections of powerful marketing technologies through the mobile platform such as:

- Unified CRM Database

- Geofencing Marketing

- Beacon Advertising

- Mobile Membership

- Mobile Coupons

- Mobile Base Ticketing

- Mobile Loyalty Points

- Online to Offline Payment

- Mobile Peer to Peer Payment

- Augmented Reality Marketing

- Mobile & E-Commerce

- Unified Communications: SMS, Emails, Push Notification

- In App Messaging

- and more coming soon, as new technology comes to play

These technologies are applicable to Mobile Apps based Marketing for:

  1. Retail Chains

  2. Shopping Mall

  3. Individual Retails & F&B

  4. Marketing & Advertising agencies (enable Creative Marketers using our technology to provide solutions to their clients)

Traditionally for the digital marketing solutions provider, which offer a purchase-to-deploy model like Alibaba, Cuscapi, Pointsoft, Humanomics and other digital marketing solutions providers such as Fortitude Asia, Teratto Tech and Amfibia Digital.

Also, there is subscription based solutions provider that focuses on single solutions such as Eber (Loyalty Solutions), Storehub(POS) and Salesforce(CRM).

Currently, we are one of our kind. Our digital marketing product offers both Subscription Based (low cost) and Multi-Channel Marketing (Integrated).

As our products are fully packaged and based on the subscription basis. This will render the cost of deployment down to 70% of the traditional method of buying and implementing digital marketing solutions.

Barriers to Entry

Fireworks provide retailers the First mover advantages, Our Fireworks New Retail Marketing Platform gives businesses to market their products and services through a collections of powerful marketing technologies as the new entrants would need to build a whole range of Marketing Technologies such as iBeacon, Geofencing, E-Commerce, Loyalty System and Business Intelligence, as well as have extensive experience in digital and mobile-based marketing. These are all the first mover advantages that Fireworks provides differentiation from others.

Fireworks already developed 80% of these technologies, each usable and customizable for a single business.

We will integrate all these technologies and make it Multi-user and Cloud-Based, so it able to cater multiple accounts using the same technology without having to redevelop for the next user.

Our solutions are commercial ready, our Payment Gateway and Client Management System allow us to sell internationally.


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