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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Fireworks to launch your Successful Loyalty Programs & Marketing Tech

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

  1. Ready Technology: Field Tested and Fast to Launch

  2. Our Technology are Ready Made, thus Fast to Launch.

  3. We have most of the technology your brand need for Increase Revenue, Retain and Excite Customers.

  4. Wide Range of Marketing Focus Technologies

  5. Loyalty Program Doesn’t Work – Alone.

  6. Consumer now a days have more choices and therefore a marketing mix is needed.

  7. From our arsenal of marketing weapons :  Loyalty Points, Reward Program, Games, Contest Engine, Privilege Program, E-Commerce, OnBoarding Campaigns, Spend & Win Campaigns, Smart QR Tech, Proximity Campaigns, Digital Vouchers, Augmented Reality, Referral Program and more.

  8.  Tailor Made Experience : One Size Doesn’t Fits All

  9. We Believe the Best Solution is the ones that’s designed to work.

  10. Since we own most of the technology, we are able to customise the solution to your specific needs.

  11. We usually craft specific solutions for our clienteles.

  12. We focus on User Experience

  13. Many solution providers out there just give you the technology without thinking of the user experience.

  14. Fireworks, being a Digital Marketing Agency as well, we understand the importance of UX ( User Experience )

  15. Our Solutions are first designed together with our clients, with UX in its core.

  16. We walked the Talk

  17. We have about 15 years of experience in terms on Digital Marketing and Digitization Process.

  18. Our consultants are well verse in both marketing & technology, which is the core knowledge to launch a successful marketing campaign in this digital driven society.

  19. We specialises in High Impact, Large Scale Projects

  20. There are many Loyalty Program Agency out there, and then there is Fireworks.

  21. We focuses on creating Top Notch Bespoke Loyalty Programs for Successful Brands.

  22. Our clients are usually consumer brands with high expectations and require the best digital agency.

  23. Rock Solid Company, Since 2003

  24. We’ve been around the block. And we are here to stay.

  25. We have 15 years of Experience in Digital Marketing & Software Development

  26. Technology company with Digital Marketing Expertise

  27. There are Marketing Agencies and there are Tech Implementors. We excel in Both.

  28. Professional Standard Design and Digital Marketing Team

  29. Expert in integrating Technology, Marketing & Communications.

  30. Agency with Digital Marketing Expertise

  31. Our Technology are Open to Talk with other Technologies

  32. Many loyalty programs out there lock you within its own silo.

  33. Fireworks Loyalty, our software are fully own by us. Our philosophy is to connect to as many partner technology out there.

  34. We have API & SDKS for Third party solution to integrate with us.

  35. Personalised & Quality Service

  36. Local support worldwide, HQ Support in Malaysia

  37. Personalised Services

  38. Focus on long term partnership


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