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Why Go Mobile?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Why Go Mobile?

Using Mobile Apps to Market Your Business!

As more consumers turn to mobile devices to access information on the Internet, implementing a mobile strategy at your facilities can increase user engagement and satisfaction. Also a mobile app is more convenient for you to reach out to your consumers and drive your revenue.

Geo-Targeted Push Notification

A restaurant could boost loyalty by sending special offers to customers who had dined at the restaurant the past year but not in the last two months. A store could announce a sale on umbrellas coupled with weather alerts to nearby users when it’s predicted to rain soon.

Additional Sales Opportunities Interaction Between Customers and Business

A mobile app maximizes opportunities by reaching users in these new pockets of time. A push notification might remind users of a nearly abandoned shopping cart, bringing them back into a shopping experience. A more seamless experience of stored login and billing information means an easier path to do transactions.

Geo-Targeted Mobile Advertising

Geo Targeting Mobile Ads or Smart Ads in mobile advertising can target users by their specific location, displaying ads in geographic and contextual optimized campaign performance. Geo-targeted Mobile Advertising can also display coupons to potential users nearby or help users find the business by advertising directly on a map.

Dynamic Offers.

Businesses can use data collected through geo-tracking and ad campaigns in their mobile advertising to deliver just-in-time offers and boost the mobile apps revenue. For example, movie theatres can track and send coupons to users who are nearby and looked up information about show times without making any purchase.

Pushing Through the Funnel

Users may consider typing in account information in their mobile phones or tablets too tedious which is why the leading online food delivery services have been aggressively marketing their mobile apps which automatically detect a user’s location to fill in a delivery address and display the availability of delivery services.


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